I love G-Way Fitness. I have been taking classes from Grisha for quite awhile and love them. G-Way offers several different classes at all hours of the day with amazing instructors. You can't beat the prices. I pay only $100.00 a month and take 5 to 6 classes a week. In the last few months I lost 16 pounds. I feel better then ever. I owe it all to G-Way Fitness and Grisha. Thank you Grisha!

Kelly Bryant

Dear Grisha,

I have three pet peeves when it comes to personal trainers: 1) wasting a lot of training time with talking, I'm paying for a trainer and not a shrink, 2) asking me to spend any amount of time on a stationary bike or treadmill. I can do this myself on my own time, and 3) offering the same boring routine again, I want a trainer to mix it up for me and keep it interesting and challenging. Having trained with Grisha for 5 years+ now, I can honestly say that he does none of the above. 60 minutes with Grisha is 60 minutes of pure ass-kicking exercise that makes me sweat like nothing else! I highly recommend him.

Mike Kao


When I first started training with Grisha, I was 40 pounds heavier and out of shape. I have been working hard with Grisha for the past two years both personal training and cardio classes. I have also completely changed my diet, dropped 40 pounds and now in great shape and feel great. Grisha also trains my son and helped him put on 15 pounds of muscle for football. I would recommend Grisha for anyone who is already in great shape or wants to get in shape, he is a great trainer who genuinely cares about his client progress and personal goals.

Daniel Crocker (Director: Wave Seven Systems)


As an Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist I am well aware of the importance of correct technique and determining the individual abilities of each client when exercising and training. I have personally trained with Grisha Todorov for the past three years. I am always impressed with his vast knowledge of body mechanics, muscle physiology and all of the vital areas related to proper training techniques. I would recommend Grisha Todorov as a personal trainer to absolutely anyone. He is a compassionate trainer who cares about his clients. He truly tailors the exercise sessions to each and every individual. Grisha puts extra time and effort into assuring you receive maximum benefits.

Grisha is obviously quite knowledgeable in general conditioning techniques, as well as in the more advanced skills of boxing and various martial arts styles. Additionally, Grisha is quite knowledgeable and familiar with basic care and management of various types of sports and other athletic injuries.

Again, I have been extremely happy in my association with Grisha, and would recommend him highly to anyone interested in improving their overall physical and mental well being.

Grisha's professionalism, knowledge and flexibility set him apart from other's in his field. His personality and encouragement keep me a loyal client.

change my life in more ways than he knows. I credit my new healthy and fit lifestyle to Grisha!

Philip Conwisar, MD

Dear Grisha,

I don't know where to begin to thank you for helping me to change my life. Your personal training, fitness classes, and encouragement took me from being an out of shape, middle aged plus mom with a sedentary lifestyle, to a more physically fit G-WAY believer. I never imagined how much better I would feel, or the strength and energy I would have.

Our personal training workouts vary each week and are designed for me at my fitness level, which have kept my enthusiasm and motivation over these past two years. I have never stuck with any fitness program in my life this long, except for walking. Your fitness classes (especially Sunday Kickboxing) are so fun yet challenging, which have definitely helped me to achieve my fitness goals. I now have set new goals for myself, thanks to you.

I am so glad my husband is now coming for personal training. His fitness goals are obviously different from mine, but it is a fun thing for us to do together. I think he was inspired by what you have achieved with me, as well as the staff at my office. I look forward to our Office workouts, as do all of the girls. It is an opportunity for my staff to get away from their desks, change into their workout clothes and get moving. It helps all of us to stay in shape, feel better about ourselves, and be healthy. It increases productivity and builds teamwork. Even though we are all at different levels, you are able to accommodate all of us and make it fun.

You have certainly made a difference in my life and I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being such a great trainer and motivator. I only wish I started doing this years earlier! Grisha, you're the best!!!

Fondly, Fondly, Susan E. Fields

Hi Grisha,

I started training with Grisha nine months ago and now I am in better shape than I ever was. I lost 25 pounds in the first four months thanks to the really well structured program that he designed for me. I had no idea that this can ever be achieved and even more that my body can look like an athlete's body. Grisha is so passionate about helping people achieve their goals and his motivation and constant support are the perfect drive that makes working out so enjoyable. He makes you believe that everything is possible if you work hard enough and base it on perseverance and he shows you the results. I could have never dreamt of a better personal trainer that can design variety of work out programs that really changed my body. His caring and perfectionism make him the best in the field. I feel so fortunate to train with him.

Ana Simeonova


It is a pleasure to know Grisha Todorov. For me, he is a wonderful personal trainer. He not only has taught me to get my body in great physical condition, but my past injuries to my neck and knee are gone. Grisha has been my personal trainer and kickboxing instructor for the past two years. I highly recommend Grisha for any teaching endeavor he may choose.

Best Regards - Mrs. Rhona Miggins

Dear Grisha,

I would like to write about Grisha Todorov, a highly trained professional, who I have the priveledge to meet over a year and a half ago.

At the beginning, I started at size 10 and out of shape. As time progressed I started noticing how although I did not diet, my clothes were becoming looser and I was dropping sizes.

Grisha motivated me, even though it was difficult. Grisha trained me never to give up and he never gave up on me or my complaining and the results that I have witness were a big surprise to me, but not to him.

Grisha is a highly experienced personal trainer that suits all fitness levels and needs.

I have nothing but the highest regards for him. Thank you for the opportunity to recommend such a special and impressive young man.

Sincerely - Meirav Ben-Gal


For those who are serious about reaching their optimum level of health and fitness, I highly recommed Grisha Todorov. Not only is he a trainer with unusual qualifications in health and fitness, he is an athlete as well.

Grisha has spent years of conducting group and individual training classes. His expertise is evaluating and constructing a corrective program for each individual.

I believe it's possible to obtain a high level of fitness and with Grisha's help, maintain your achievements.

Thank you - Richard Windham

Dear Grisha,

I first started at G-way a couple of years ago, doing the high intensity kickboxing classes on Sunday morning. I loved the exciting way Grisha pushes his students til we are sweating and out of breath. A couple of months ago I decided to privately train with Grisha 2-3 times a week. He has helped me completely transform my body and my confidence! I've lost inches off even the most stubborn fat areas. My body is toned from head to toe and I can fit into clothes I haven't worn since before my son was born 10 years ago. I couldn't be happier! I've brought several friends with me to G-way and I would recommend this great private gym to anyone. No matter what your physical goals are I know Grisha can help you reach them!

Thank you - Susie Feldman


I have been working out at G-Way Fitness for 2 years now, and I am very pleased with my results. My workouts consist of taking a combination of the different classes the studio offers, and personal training sessions with Grisha. I love the classes, because they are each very different from one another, and taking a combination of them really gives me a full body workout. Grisha’s personal training sessions are great as well, because after two years, he still introduces me to new exercises almost every session. Since we frequently switch up the exercises (everything from weight training to high intensity interval training, and so on), they stay challenging and I still feel sore afterwards, which is an indicator that my muscles are still growing. I definitely reached my fitness goal a long time ago, but I am going to continue training at G-Way Fitness to maintain my figure. I am now fit, lean, and stronger than ever.

Sincerely - Faina Schwartzberg

Dear Grisha,

I am delighted to recommend Grisha Todorov to you as a professional personal trainer. Grisha is a highly motivating individual who brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to his sessions. He is the kind of trainer who worked right beside his clients and pushes them to achieve their maximum output.

Other trainers I have worked with have a tendancy to take their clients for granted as they leisurely approach their sessions and merely "go through the motions."

I am delighted to recommend Grisha Todorov to you as a professional personal trainer. Grisha is a highly motivating individual who brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to his sessions. He is the kind of trainer who worked right beside his clients and pushes them to achieve their maximum output.

When it comes to martial arts, Grisha really knows his stuff. I have made great progress in every aspect of this area. I have toned up, firmed up, and increased my power and speed tenfold.

I highly recommend him.

Regards - Marc Holland (CEO Sky Radio Network, Inc.)

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